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Selkirk Rex


Photo © C & D Photos


Ghost de Valinor


(Cafe Creme de Peyrat x GIC Katrin's Curly Ketavanija)

D.O.B. 08.04.11

Blood Type A - PKD negative (DNA tested)

Blue Homozygous Carrying Chocolate (DNA tested)

Ghosty is a French Import from Chatterie de Valinor, he came to join us at

9 months in January 2012.

I would like to say a big thank you to Caroline Beausire for such a super boy and

letting me have him as my first Selkirk Rex stud.

Closed Stud. Invitation only.


Photo © J & R Photos


Grand Champion Dinozo Shillana


(Toto of Fantasyland x Amanda Shillana)

D.O.B. 27.3.16

Blood Type A - PKD negative (DNA tested)

Blue Carrying Chocolate and Colourpoint (DNA tested)

Ozzy was imported from Poland in July 2016 from the Shillana Cattery.

I would like to thank Ewa Tarczynska and Iwona Parzyszek for letting me have Ozzy to

carry on my Selkirk Rex breeding programme.

Ozzy has had a busy 2017, he has done well on the show bench and gained his

Champion and Grand Champion titles. Also has become a Daddy to two lovely litters

of kittens.

Closed Stud. Invitation only.



Grand Champion Snoshu Starchaser

SRL as 11

(Ghost de Valinor x Snoshu Lady Luna)

D.O.B. 13.09.14

Blood Type A - PKD Negative (DNA tested)



Snoshu Black Pearl

SRS nv

Blood Type A - PKD Negative (DNA tested)



Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Snoshu Stardreamer

SRL f 21

Blood Type A - PKD Negative (DNA tested)

(Gooffy Brilliant Spark x Gr Ch Snoshu Mists Ofavalon)

D.O.B. 06.04.16

Pearl and Rosie are litter sisters. We made the decision to take Misty their mum out to

stud to bring in some new lines. We had the opportunity to use 'Gooffy Brilliant Spark'

(Russian Import) and Misty had a lovely litter of four. We decided to keep both girls in

the litter as they had lovely temperaments and we just couldn't decide which one to

keep!. Pearl is a Black Shorthair Variant and we did show her in the Pedigree Pet

Section until she was 6 months. She won 3 Kitten Opens and 3 Best of Colour and

also won Best of Variety Pedigree Pet at the West of England and South Wales Cat

Society Show. Pearl's sister Rosie is a Tortie Tabby Longhair and has also done very

well. She has won 2 Kitten Opens and 2 Best of Breeds. She made up to Champion

in 3 straight shows. She has also gained a 4 Grand Challenge Certificates in 4 straight

shows making her up to Grand Champion at 14 months. This is quite an achievement

for a Selkirk Rex female.



Snoshu Bellatrix


(Ghost de Valinor x Gr Ch & IGr PR Snoshu Stardreamer)

D.O.B 29.08.2018

Bella is a Black Tortie Homozygous from Rosie's one and only litter. Sadly Rosie had an emergency spay after her first litter. I kept Bella to continue with the lines.

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