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About Us

The SNOSHU Prefix was founded by the late Bill Nethercott. Bill had been actively

involved in the Birman world since the late 1970's. His Governing Council Prefix was

granted in 1980 and he was totally involved in the breed both as an exhibitor, steward

and also a judge of household pets.

In 1983 Bill started a Red Series outcross initially by accident, as Snoshu Blue Tinsel

had made her own arrangements! This was to be the start of a new Red line in the

Birman breed which still continues today, both in the UK and abroad.

In the late 1980's he also became involved with, bred and imported Maine Coons.

In 1999 Bill asked me to go into Joint Prefix with him to keep the Snoshu lines active.

Sadly his health had deteriorated at this time and in May 2008 Bill sadly passed away.


Bill is pictured here with his beloved PREMIER SNOSHU BLUE TASSEL. Bill was always extremely proud and

devoted to his cats.

How did I start breeding and showing pedigree cats? Well it's in the genes ! I was born

into the Dubrova Birman and Cornish Rex household. My mother Pam Collins has

been breeding pedigree cats since 1970, so it was no surprise that I would follow in

her footsteps.

Since going into joint prefix with Bill I have mainly worked with the Red Series Birmans

with Bill's SNOSHU and Don Wieden's BURMANX/SEDEKI Red lines.

I would like to thank the above people for the hard work involved in these outcrosses.


Champion Snoshu Marigold Finalee' (13c6)

First Tortie Point Birman to arrive in South Africa

I didn't intended to breed Selkirk Rex, but they just grew on me ! With my mother

breeding Cornish Rex, we were interested to hear of a new Rex breed coming into the

UK. It wasn't until I saw a Selkirk Rex kitten on exhibition at the Supreme Show at the

NEC that I fell in love. A few years later, a fellow Birman breeder Jenny Harrison had

brought a Red Self Selkirk Rex female 'Crinkles Angel' I asked her if she produced a

nice male kitten, I would love to show a male neuter. 2010 saw the arrival of Dawnee

(Raptinfluff Argent Dawn) a Selkirk Rex female (not what I planned !) I thought I would

have 'just one litter'. As you can imagine it didn't stop there ! I would like to thank Jenny

for giving me the opportunity to adopt a Selkirk Rex and for her help and support.


Raptinfluff Argent Dawn 14 weeks old

We are based in Bridgwater, Somerset. Occasionally we have kittens available to

permanent, caring homes. All our cats are registered with the Governing Council of

the Cat Fancy.

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