Snoshu Birmans and Selkirk Rex -

Grand Champion
Snoshu Rainbow Annie
SBI f (13c6)
(Snoshu Romani-Star x Dubrova Camilla)
D.O.B 11.03.13

Blood Type A/b (DNA tested)

Bo had a good show year in 2014. Best in Show AOC Adult at the Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club Show.  She gained her Grand Champion title at the Central Longhair Show in November 2014.She also achieved Best Adult Female and Best Tortie Point Exhibit 2014 with the Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club and Best Tortie Point Exhibit and Best Tortie Point Adult 2014 with the Birman Cat Club.

Now retired from breeding.

Imperial Grand Champion
Snoshu Stargazer
SBI g (13c8)
(Snoshu Romani-Star x Snoshu Moonlight Bliss)
D.O.B. 27.06.13

Blood Type A/b (DNA tested)

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